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Normalise Menopause

Supported by Menopause Support

Creative Conscience Gold Winner for Typographic Design

Outcome Educational product, Website, Event and Campaign     Work for D&AD New Blood Awards brief, 'Refinery29 & The Case for Her'   

Made in collaboration with Megan Willett   Special thanks to Menopause Support & GoodEmpire 

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The outcome of this project was a series of educational boxes that aim to teach you about someones relationship with the menopause. These boxes combine storytelling and play backed up with scientific facts.

“A really fun way to learn someone’s story”

The Problem

Menopause is a ridiculous taboo. It is silenced, ignored and invisible. We wanted to tackle the stigmas and stereotypes around this natural time of life.


Often the menopause is seen as a strictly 'women's issue', however, people of all genders and ages have a relationship with bleeding. Whether you bleed or not we all have a story to tell, and we all have space to learn.

The Solution

Working in collaboration with Designer, Megan Willett, we created the project 'Normalise Menopause'.


With the aid of volunteers and the CIC Menopause Support, we came up with three interactive educational boxes that each tell a story about the menopause.


We made an interactive experience that works around the 

concept of a puzzle. The person engaging with the box would need to fill in the gaps of a real story by familiarising themselves with factually correct information packs.

Our project diverse, and did not limit menopause as solely something women experience. We learnt and taught others that menopause can impact us all.

“I’ve never thought about it from a gender identity standpoint, the information has been so insightful. This will change how I talk about it now and in the future, it has been a really good learning curve for me.”


Gold Winner

To find out more about our project please click here.

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