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Outcome Advertising and Brand Identity    Work for Hannah Wallace   Designed and Produced by Josephine Owen 


Advertising and brand identity created for producer, Hannah Wallace.

'Groundmarks' was a contemporary dance project about linking people with nature. 

My role?

Working closely with Hannah, my role was to produce the advertising for 'Groundmarks' project.

I created a series of sensitive illustrations depicting Sydenham Hill Wood to be used on flyers, posters, Groundmarks official social media and website.

Performance Information

Dates 3rd & 4th June 2021

Time 6pm & 7:30pm

Location Sydenham Hill Wood

"Mystery tree. Catkins. Bubbles in the water. Singing to the weir. Boggy. Big roots revealed." Jessy Mackay

To find out more about Hannah Wallace please click here.

Hannah poster final.png
Hannah Flyer 1 final final.png
Hannah Flyer 3 final.png

Research and preparatory work

Hannah test 3.jpg
Image 6 edit.jpg
image 10.jpg
hannah quote 3.jpg
Image 2.jpg
drawing 4.jpg
drawing 2.jpg
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