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designer and maker

The Albany

Outcome Product & Website    Work for William Mann   Designed and Produced by Josephine Owen & Megan Willett


Simplified model of the Albany Theatre in Deptford, London.

The Problem

The Albany Theatre in Deptford is facing a huge redevelopment. Architect, William Mann briefed us to visually communicate the past, present and future of this social hub for the local community.

The Solution

My team worked on creating a product, website and game to engage with the local community. Our product is laser cut and features coloured boxes that represent different exciting activities and programmes the Albany theatre has to offer. Some activities have been brought back from the past, some exist in the present and some might be brought into the theatres redevelopment. The community can interact with our product to build their 'own' Albany, taking out parts they don't wish to see in the redevelopment, and keeping other parts in.

We see this as a fun, engaging way of gathering community feedback. There is an online version of our product available to play in the form of a game on our website.

To find out more about our project please click here.

Studio Session-135.jpg
Studio Session-055.jpg
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Studio Session-124.jpg
Studio Session-127.jpg
Studio Session-121.jpg
Studio Session-061.jpg

The making process

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